Why Tigron

Managed services are our core business

1. Managed services are our core business

 Managed Services are our core business and we have been doing this since 2007. We manage daily activities of maintenance and support on the scale you need. We also have an eye for the entire life cycle of service so both design, implementation, support and constant technological upgrade.

Manage the entire spectrum of technology expertise

2. Manage the entire spectrum of technology expertise

IT is complex and the technology is evolving rapidly. That is why Tigron has different people trained/certified in each of the areas we offer. Not only do we strive for hands-on expertise, but also have a strong dose of theoretical knowledge of our technologies. Tigron can also quickly learn new areas that are of interest to your business. We are committed to providing our people training in new technology.

Process based support

3. Process based support

Tigron uses a number of best practices for IT management, monitoring and support

Cultural fit

4. Cultural fit

Tigron wants to act as an extension of your IT Department. It is therefore important that the way we work and communicate is in line with your own corporate culture. The more we fit together and a have common understanding of "how things need to be done", the more effective the relationship.

Think with the customer

5. Think with the customer

You can be sure that your IT needs will evolve. That’s why Tigron is open to think about your IT vision and long term plans. We want to support your business strategy for future evolutions. Our most important advantages here are our flexibility, vision and commitment. 

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we have a good vision on emerging technologies and we act as a trusted advisor. We want to be an extension of your own IT Department, we remain committed and advise you about technological options to proactively respond to your needs.