Your website is hosted on our secure high-performance servers, along with other websites. They don't just share the server capacity, but also -more importantly- the cost!


Your website on a Tigron server is simple and great without you having to sacrifice availability, security and performance ... on the contrary!

For small to large sites Tigron offers a large number of standard packages: 

  • customizable according to individual wish
  • discount prices
  • user friendly Control Panel
  • optimal availability, security, performance 


  • PHP version 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3
  • 1000 MB mailboxes (forwards/catch-all) 
  • Webmail (calendar/contacts/vacation/...) 
  • SSH access multiple (sub) domains 
  • Multiple MySQL databases (according to package)
  • possibility to use own mail server 
  • extensive statistics 
  • Repeat scripts
  • dynamic records
  • CNAME records 
  • forwards (web/mail)
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