How we help you

Now that technology is an essential part of any business, IT must quickly respond to the application needs of businesses to be able to differentiate themselves. To do so, the complexity is brought down, the existing resources are used optimally and it is necessary that unplanned downtime is avoided.

Together we search for the best IT Services for your business; to achieve services which makes your business stronger. Tigron stands for solidity and innovation. Both in the choice of our products and in our service and support, we strive for the best solutions and the highest quality to make your business more efficient and more productive.

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1. Listening

It is important that we fully understand what the current customers issues. A total understanding of the situation ' as it is ' and the desired objectives to be achieved is necessary for a good "customer experience" afterwards.

2. Assessment

Once the current status and the achieving objectives are clear, your organization gets a thorough examination. Depending on the project various assessment tools are at our disposal. Based on this, we put together a plan of action in which you receive concrete advice about what services and technologies support your business the most efficiently.

3. Design

We will discuss the different possibilities and draw the most suitable setup. This can be "on premise" or in the cloud. Or a combination.

4. Implementation

Do you prefer to do the installation yourself? That is possible. Do you want to do it together or do you want everything done by Tigron? All options are possible.

Implementation by Tigron is designed so that an optimal result is achieved and disruptions are avoided. Our installations are time-based and bound by SLA’s. We take the full ownership of the project and guarantee to deliver what was agreed. After all, we commit ourselves in advance to a specific outcome.

After the installation, you have the right to a significant period of time that we are on standby if a problem still be popping up that we had not foreseen.

5. Management

After deployment you should be able to count on a well functioning and secure IT environment. Tigron ensures permanent high level support. The management phase offers comprehensive management tools and health checks.